New Franklin R-1 School District Inclement Weather Procedures

School Closing: Decisions on whether to hold school, use snow routes, or delay the start of school are made as early as possible each morning. The Transportation Director and Superintendent check the roads and forecast to make decisions prior to 5:30 AM.

Alert Messages: If there is a need to inform parents of changes to the normal school day, a recorded message from a school official to parents or a general announcement, will be sent. The system has the ability to call telephone numbers, send text messages and send e-mail messages.

Closing Announcements: When a 2 hour late starting time or school closing is implemented, announcements will be made by 6:30 AM or soon thereafter.

Procedures: When a decision is reached as to the best course of action, one of the following actions will be taken:

1. School Closing: When this announcement is made, New Franklin Schools will be closed and no vehicles will operate.

2. 2-Hour Late Start-Using a delayed starting time will allow us to get our buses on the road during daylight hours and provide a safer environment for travel. When we implement a 2-hour delay, the starting time will be 10:05 AM. On a late start day, all bus pick up times will be 2 hours later than the regular pick up time. Buses might be running five to ten minutes early or late. There will be NO morning preschool.

3. Snow Routes-This is a “hard surface roads only” plan. The estimated times will be in an email and are no longer posted on the website due to safety concerns. The times are estimates and buses might be running five to ten minutes early or late.

Contact: Eric Chaney at 660.848.2112 with questions.

For student safety, specific bus pick up and drop offs related to our Inclement Weather Policy will not be published here. Parents will be emailed.

Mock Bus Evacuation Drills are scheduled periodically during the school year.

Bus Safety Information

Students may be signed out from a school event by the legal parents or guardians who have signed a Hold Harmless Waiver prior to the event. Exceptions can be made only if the legal parents/guardians have contacted and made arrangements with the Central Office at least one day prior to the event so that the person who is signing them out is listed on the bus roster.

Approved Board policies relating to Transportation:

Student Transportation Services

School Bus Scheduling and Routing

Student Conduct on School Transportation

Student Discipline

Eric Chaney, Director of Maintenance & Transportation