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 The Library Media Center is an integral part of the educational environment.  The LMC will develop and maintain materials to support the school curriculum K-12.

 Access will be available to outside technology resources such as MORE-Tech/Endora.

1.             The librarian and/or adult assistants will be in charge of the library each period. 

2.             Up to 2 books, except reference books and those on reserve, may be checked out for a two-week period with an
additional one week checkout option.

3.             Instructors may place books on overnight or period reserve. 

4.             Current magazines are for use and should be signed out and returned daily.

5.           Misuse or unnatural abuse to books will result in the person to whom a book is checked out paying for repair or
replacement of  the books.  Lost books must be paid for by the person checking out the book by the end of the
grading period during which the  book was lost.  If the book is found, all money will be refunded.

6.             The library is open from  7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. daily.  

7.             A Teacher Professional Library will be maintained and updated for use in the Library Media Center.  

8.             Teachers and staff may request materials to be purchased for the LMC.  A form is available for such request.

9.             Materials will be selected and purchased within the annual budget.

10.           Gifts will be accepted only with the understanding that no obligation is placed on the district, the school, or the
LMC and in compliance with the  provisions of board policy.

11.          Items subject to complaint because of content or other factors will be referred to the administration for further

12.          Copyright guidelines are posted at the copy machines in compliance with board policy and will be followed.

13.         The school library patron records will be confidential and the responsibility of the LMC specialist.

14.         The collection will be evaluated yearly to keep the collection attractive and responsive to the user needs.
Materials  that are considered no longer  useful, for whatever reasons, will be discarded appropriately. 

Ms. Yocum, the K-12 Library Media Specialist for the New Franklin R-1 School District.

"And yes, it's true, I really do have the best job on Earth! "