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Goals and Philosophy

District Finance

The district will provide sufficient financial resources to ensure educational programs of the highest quality.


1. The district will acquire the financial resources to maintain, improve and provide expansion of the educational programs and facilities, as related to the philosophy and goals.

2. The district will provide appropriate compensation for employees.


The district will maintain respectable, safe and accessible facilities.


1. The district will study the buildings and facilities to assess short-term and long-range needs.

Fully Accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.



The District will ensure communication, will include extensive parental involvement, dissemination of information to the community, and effective communication among the students, faculty and staff.


1. The district will continue to improve the effectiveness of its communication with parents and community members.

2. The district will continue to maintain communication among the faculty and staff.

3. The district will continue to include the perspectives of students, where appropriate.


The district will maintain and routinely evaluate a curriculum that includes the skills and information necessary to prepare for careers and to pursue wholesome interests.


1. The district will maintain a systematic procedure for the reevaluation and revision of curriculum in each content area.

2. The district will continue to identify the needs of all students, evaluate existing options and create new opportunities to meet these needs.


New Franklin Schools are an Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer

Professional Development

The district will provide opportunities to participate in professional development activities in order to maintain a highly trained and involved professional faculty and support staff.


1. The district will provide an active professional development committee that will ensure faculty training is relevant to district goals and is ongoing throughout the year.

2. The district will provide additional opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff with local, state and federal funds.

Student Leaning and Development

The district will ensure effective learning and development for all students.


1. Students will show evidence of effective learning and development.

2. Students will be prepared to make the needs transitions throughout school and into adult life.

3. All students will participate in and complete an appropriate course of study.